Why would I want to live in an Abbeyfield House?

Abbeyfield House St Peters is home for 12 residents and has the atmosphere of a single-family home.  We are centrally located in a residential area of Saanich (Quadra and Reynolds neighbourhood) and are walking distance to shops and bus service.  Abbeyfield House offers companionship when you want it, privacy when you need it, security within a community and affordability at non-profit rates.

Can couples be accommodated?

Abbeyfield’s priority has been to house people living alone and the rooms are not designed for couples however a couple may choose to have two rooms if there are two vacancies.

Are pets allowed?

Abbeyfield St Peters is a no pets facility.

Who manages the House?

The Abbeyfield Volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for the House.  The Board members handle  applications, employ staff, maintain the property, and take an active interest in the well-being of our residents.

What is a Sponsor?

Each resident must designate two sponsors – trusted relatives, friends or professional advisors who can be contacted in case of emergency or other difficulty.  Sponsors are responsible for the resident’s well-being and are asked to offer volunteer time at the House.

Are there rules and regulations?

Abbeyfield would be your home and you are free to come and go as you wish.  The rules and regulations are those of normal household courtesy.

Is Smoking forbidden?

Yes, smoking is forbidden inside and outside the House and anywhere on the grounds

Will someone clean my room and do my laundry?

Abbeyfield House does not provide housekeeping or laundry service for residents.  Laundry facilities are freely available and each resident is responsible for their own laundry.  If you need home help you can employ outside domestic help at your own expense.  If you qualify, Island Health may provide help with laundry bathing etc.

Will I share bathroom facilities?

You will have your own sink and toilet in your private suite and residents share the bathing/shower facilities – we have two large walk-in tub/shower rooms, one with a hair washing station.

Can Abbeyfield House cope with special diets?

The cooking staff can make some adjustments depending on the needs of the resident but cannot adjust for comprehensive or complex diets such as vegan or gluten free.

May I do some gardening?

Each resident has their own small garden plot right outside their sliding glass doors.  There are also larger common areas for growing vegetables and herbs.

What happens if I become ill?

Minor ailments are dealt with at the House.  If you are hospitalized it is taken for granted you will return to your suite, provided you can continue to live independently.

What if I need nursing care?

Abbeyfield House does not provide nursing care however a visiting nurse from Island Health may be able to address your needs.  If at some point you can no longer look after yourself in your own suite, other arrangements will have to be made by you with the assistance of Island Health and your family or sponsors.

Can my family and friends join me for meals At Abbeyfield House?

Yes, we encourage residents to bring friends and family to share meals at the House.  There is a small charge for guest meals and the cooking staff will need advance notice. We also have a guest suite on the upper level available for your out-of-town guests at a reasonable cost and includes all meals.